George Townsend, model 'Ecossais', c. 1890

I bought this interesting early diamond frame safety a few years ago in France. The text on the rear hub makes clear it's a George Townsend from Redditch.

In the bracket two letters say 'WT' - it could well be the initials of the foundry.
The serial number 4838 is stanped in many parts: front of the lower head lug, inside crank arms. Top of front fork etc. 

There's are quite a few bicycles around in France that look very much like this Geo. Townsend. And there's Humbers that have the same frame-and-bracket construction. So be careful when identifying this model.  I am just sure this bicycle is a Townsend because it is stamped into the rear hub. 

I found an advertisement of the George Townsend model 'Ecossais' on the French Tontonvelo-forum.  
I am looking for any info or details or other bicycles by this maker. I need for instance some pictures of the original brake spoon, so I can continue the restoration. Please share your information, send me an e-mail.

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